Wonder and beauty.

I am a 23-year-old girl named Christiane. It was about six years ago that I started having interest in web design. I like being creative, so the connection was there. Since my brother, a web designer himself, sometime refused to explain everything to me ( I was really wrecking his nerves 😉 ) I began to explore the possibilities of html on my own. Still there are things to be learned, but I know it’s just a matter of time and patience.

What is about? I was always interested in sciences of all kinds, especially in astronomy. Some day I found out about the sun sailors which is a genious idea about gliders in outer space powered by sun sails. The idea behind is to benefit from the solar energy to move the spacecraft. This way no external engine is needed. Three months ago, in June 2005 the first solar sailor ever was send to outer space, but the test somehow failed due to a first-stage engine problem. The idea of the solar sailors is truly a future project that needs to be tested out. You can find more information on .

Surprisingly former historical writers already dealt with the sun sailing. The captains of the sailors in science-fiction novels and comics are heroes who have to pass adventures. The first science-fiction story considering a vehicle close to a sun sailor was written in 1865 by Jules Verne who had a wide imagination of what could be possible in sciences. In “From the Earth to the Moon” a space-bound, cannon-fired projectile is described with the annotation, that maybe one day its speed will be increased with light or electricity as the mechanical agent. If he could see now that with his imagination he inspired thousands of engineers, he could be really proud of himself.

I myself am fascinated about the fact that people were always up to dream of the impossible. Since I am willing to become a sea biologist, the distance between dream, fascination and reality is existent in my life. I have to find my own truth, and sometimes it seems I’m pushed forward by the sun and the sea, the elements and the powers of the nature themselves.

I love to quote a cite by Friedrich Schiller, the famous German poet and historian: “Mit vollen Segeln lief ich in das Meer des Lebens.” – “Full and by I put out to the sea of life.” [Author’s note: sails full of wind]

Formerly my old site design referred to the title, but I decided that the topic is rather applying to everything in my life, so the design should alter with my temper, don’t you think? 😉