Wonder and beauty.

Shortcut…I’m 23, but I don’t look like it.

A book…If you really want to try to know a tiny part of me, read Nick Hornby’s “A long way down” and books of Jostein Gaarder.

A song…Currently Garden State OST really much. I love the Shins.

What I do more often than sometimes…find myself stay up late (which is early) eating Lion Pop Chocs reading a good book or curled in front of my beloved computer.

Physics…My head is always thinking.

Reality…I’m far from being perfect.

Universe…I’d really like Pluto back in planet’s circle.

Language…I like speaking, thinking, dreaming and writing in English because it contains words which truly describe what I want to say.

Craving…I’m a worse chocolate-liker.

Drifting…This is good: Electronical music at night playing on EinsLive.

Health…I’m good at avoiding because it saves my soul and mind. And I listen to them carefully.

Keep running…Worst enemy: dispo credit. Definitively first place on my list, if I had one.

Ethics…Books teach me lessons.

Lifesaver…The night.


Get away from here…Where I would choose to go everytime: Fuerteventura. No place else. No.

Why I want to learn Kite Surfing…Spend too much time sitting around, in some way.Wanted to learn how to surf since I saw “Point Break” (no joke!) then saw Kite Surf Contest at Fuerteventura. Imagine it to be not so hard. But flying across the waves, get caught by the wind, the sun in your face, the fast beat in your heart…Since I was young I was more the Skate&Surf type than the girlie type 😉

One happening worthwile to survive…Seeing the Sagrada Familia getting finished. I witnessed the finishing of the Kölner Dom (The Cathedral in Cologne) only on TV (sad!!). I’m impressed by Gaudí’s work. But all the scaffolds in the Cathedral really bothered me. Would like to see them gone. I heard someone say it could be possibly finished in 2011. More obviously three or four years later. Well, Gaudí really created architecture of the past, present and future.

Home is…where the heart is, yes, that’s right and I agree. The only problem is that I don’t know where my heart is. Everytime I think I know it, it seems to be headed forward to another place. I guess I was born with restlessness. Not restless legs, no. But restless inside. It’s a miracle to me how I was able to stay in my hometown for so long. It’s all about time. Everywhere is nowhere. Does that make sense in any way???