Things I want for myselfSeptember 23rd, 2008

A proper home, with four cosy walls saving me from harm. For coming home with a smile and shake the long, exhausting working day off at the front door.

Strength. To handle all the emotional and personal issues I get confronted with, to be able to help myself when days are hard.

Inner peace. To relax after things that I struggle with and to regain my old power, to regenerate.

Bravery and discipline. To not let go of who I really am, even if that means loosing the convenient possibility and fighting with my innermost.

Warm feet. I want to feel safe and warm, even in the darkest storm, I want my feet to mirror my inner, balanced state.

And ultimately, I want to be able to stay calm and wait for those struggles to pass and realize I was wrong to attach such importance to them, which means I want for myself to learn to be patient, cause I’ve never been able to find out how that works.

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