If you move like a firefly.May 7th, 2008


Today is one of these days. It’s in the air. It’s drifting within this warm air that feels so soft on the skin of my arms. Wraps me up. Catches my thoughts.

Sometimes I’m full of contrast. Sometimes I’m scared, so damn scared, and I’m wishing for someone to be there whom I can talk to about it. But I can’t. Because nobody would understand, right?

Sometimes I’m so happy. I’m into this flow. I can sense my surrounding and feel everything right inside of me as if we were one. I get the little things, the details no one notices, but I !! I do. The dead little birds and the bird nest. The smiling child with dark curls on the train, in the arms of her father. She was smiling so sweet!

The setting sun on a wide blue sky in the back of the green field, me sitting in it, touching grass blades, squinting my eyes in the golden rays.

I wonder if it’s only me noticing those little beauties. If so, it would be so sad, wouldn’t it be? Yes.

Still it’s summer coming and barbecues being held and sun being enjoyed and feeling that feeling of lightness and true freedom and feeling like you can do everything. You could, you know.

It’s always the inbetween-time that makes you weak. Could you ever stop waiting for something to happen?

*sounds like: Delerium-Chicane-Sheryl Crow- Natalie McMaster-Jessica Andrews-Amy McDonald-Tim McGraw-Jim Croce-Chantal Kreviazuk*

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