True Happiness.January 6th, 2008

22.jpgI dare say I find it in language. Especially the English language. British English, but English at all. I don’t know why, but I can express my feelings, moments, anything much better in English than in German. I just lose the right words within the conversation I am having, that’s why people might think I’m plain or boring. I know I’m not good at conversations, but maybe that’s why: Wrong language. I’d love to visit Britain or elsewhere to find out, though it is impossible right now. All those expectations!

You might think: why does she come up with it now? Well, I tell you. I just watched the movie “Pride and Prejudice” the second time on DVD, now in English because last time not everybody would have understood everything, except me, I guess. But now I’m on my own and I can happily dwell on that language and immerse myself in those beautifully spoken words. It reminds me of my poem “There is a star upon the sky” which I wrote according to the movie “Wimbledon” which features British English as well.

I may quote it fully for now.

There is a star upon the sky
It shines so bright but sets too high

Quite everything I’ve done to make it clear
But within all frames the picture disappears

No upper beats will hold tomorrow
From me til you it is just the longest stroke

Catch all your tears from falling
For I will have them in my keeping

The rest of my life you will be placed
In my eyes, my mind and surround all my space

The fruits in the branches got my view so close
And you walking by makes my breath confuse

All of my days I’ve been longing to find
Here is the answer that kept me for times

There is a star upon the sky
It shines so bright but sets too high

Still I’m allowed to have my look
Set at the star, even though it not looks back

Make me a wish that dearly comes true
I could admire all stars but I’m wishing for you.

I am enchanted by this language, this movie, the men in it, well, everything. I wished I could live in a time like this, where manners make social living both easier and harder than today, but there are manners that you are willing and obliged to read and conclude the meaning on your own.

I wish there would be more of this nowadays. All those lost manners have left behind a society of loneliness, crowded by futuristics.

I wish I could talk English all day, write it, use and abuse it, make poems and stories out of it which would be worshipped. This comes all so naturally, intuitively. Could you been born into the wrong country, could you?

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  1. Chris:

    Hmm, perhaps thats the reason why I am not good at conversations too ­čÖé

    Nice Poem, like it

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