Things we make ‘n do.November 22nd, 2007

My best friend Sophia recently won a Model- aka Swim and Dive-Competition. Next week she is going to fly to Jamaica. Me, I have Jamaica right next to me, because all I can wish for is included in my little Darling HOLGA. She’s been around a lot these days. Currently I am trying to create some sort of when-which-film-with-which-ISO/ASA-list. Tomorrow I’ll take my last three films to the lab to get them processed so I can add on the results.

When you are new to analog photography, you don’t know things. It took me one week to figure out what the ISO is all about, and maybe I’m a little amateur-ish right now, but I need to figure this out myself so I keep it in mind.

Shots waiting to be taken: Underwater. Mountainscape. SNOW!! long exposure from the dawning sky underneath a street lantern. long exposure of freeway. fridge shots. night shots. Kiel shots. shot from the top of a parking garage. shots of unspecial things. Party shots. Panoramic shot (well YES!). travelling shots. shots out of a plane. shots out of a car (maybe). shots of people. close shots and portraits. shot of scavengers in dawning light, as I realized this afternoon. reflecting shots in puddles.

did I forget anything?

I NEED MORE FILM. will take care of that.

this is the accurate point to ask again: why do humans need sleep? why?

Ah btw, today I created a Photocommunity-account and will be uploading pictures there.

>>> my Photocommunity-site.

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