Trying to get back.November 19th, 2007

Okay, this is blog entry trial. You can only win, right? I am really trying here, I hope it’s obvious. Maybe I should force it a little and go by the rules of blogging.

Q. 1.Write down what ocurred last week.

A. Right. Last week. Ahm, at the beginning my office computer broke. We needed to turn it in to (I don’t know) some computer-fixing-company. Hope it’ll be back soon so I can dwell on that webdesign stuff again. I start missing it. Actually it’s more than that, it’s fun to me and challenging. I like challenges.

After that, last week I needed to make a tough decision I thought I could avoid. It turned out that it was finally good to do it. Though I didn’t feel so good after all, but I’m fine by now.

Third, I got my negatives from my Holga-shots in Cannes back. I only made them do the negatives for it’s cost me a fortune last time I got all pictures back, around 11 Euros. I can’t afford such an expensive hobby, so I made it affordable by ordering a special scanner for dias and negatives. Special about it is that my Holga-shots are processed in square middle format. Not all labs are doing it, additionally they don’t scan – so far as I can see scanning bigger images wouldn’t be such an effort to make, but… I’m just a customer. Actually I am thinking about my own processing lab, one day, if I have room for it. I will upload some more of my work on my VIRB-site, so please check it out and build your own opinion about it.

I recently read on the Internet about someone calling Lomography “a waste of time and money”. He referred to the filter function Photoshop provides that let’s you create the vignetting and so without owning a lomo cam. I confess I felt a little offended, but if this person decided to be unlomographic, so it be. I myself know what PS can do, but I’m not taking part in this “digital lomographic” discussion. Even if you can copy it, you never get to see the stunning looks of your friends when taking the Holga out, asking everyone to group for a shot. And the lots of questions afterwards, I like that. People should know about fading tecniques. It’s not only the results but also doing it, thinking about the motif, the lighting, experimenting around, clicking the releaser and finding yourself asking: that was it? THAT was a photo? It’s making you crazy not to know the results. That’s what attracts me most.

Last week I spent most of my time walking around in the city center, watching the big presentation tables with Christmas supplies, I wonder, we would run out of water but never Christmas supplies. They were having everything. They had this cute Petersson and Findus – Advent calendar I was about to buy when I saw it was seven bucks or so. I’m a child of consume, but paying over five for a name and little chocolate pieces? I was being pragmatic. Afterward it would be thrown away, that is. I could and can do better. The old calendar is going to be found in the old Christmas boxes and being renewed – for my sister’s sake. She is so into traditions. She’ll be happy to find it back down in our living room.

Yesterday was the second date for watching falling stars of the Leonids that ocurr every November. Finally the clouds lightened and showed a clear dark night sky, but I was not lucky. There were supposed to be about 30 stars per hour, big ones with a long bright tail. Hopefully the Perseids next August will match better. It’s always a beautiful event. Anyhow I could see Cassiopeia clearly and other bright stars I don’t know the name of. I need to deal more with those.

Q. What is coming up in the next time?

A. Big things are, I guess. First the scanning of my pictures, easying up this whole process. Then secondly Christmas time, and inbetween our trip to Kiel for a weekend with good friends of mine, which will be so fun. I’ll spend time to shoot with the Holga, I’ll say hallo again to the ocean I miss so much. We’ll probably have a good time up there. Then comes Christmas, with the turkey we use to make, my brother and I (fun!). And after that new year is coming. With lots of other, new stuff, I hope. Things to keep me busy.

Q. What are you looking forward to especially?

A. Kiel-trip and a white Christmas. For we weren’t having it lately. It’s about time. I would wish for it. And there’s gonna be a great birthday party in January I wouldn’t want to miss. I think the next weeks will be worth to experience.

Q. Have you finally found a new pair of jeans?

A. Haven’t. Things keep coming up, I put this in the back. New appointment will be made, though. ­čÖé

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