Just a few.October 31st, 2007

I am sooo out of blogging. I decided to change the layout back to the old one, remastered of course, but where is my sense for telling the world what’s going on? Maybe I left it somewhere in the sea up there. Being not lonely makes you write less but be glad for time off – which is funny. I am living in a world of contrast, and the biggest one is me *hrhr*

So I did have the time to change the layout back but I somehow can’t manage myself to login and just do it. It’s just that words are spare these days and action is lots and though I think it is sad I find myself being happy. But it’s still weird to be back here.

I find myself avoiding some things I thought not be best for me. It is working, but the things keep coming back to you. I wish this would stop. I’m not so easy right now inside. The contrast thing.

So this is it for today, pouring my inner thoughts all out to the world. Maybe world should chose another blog for I am not so much into it. It’s the recognition thing, when you can have it you don’t want it. EXACTLY!!! What is it with me, weird girl exhausting others with her being?

Sometimes I think it doesn’t matter what I write because why would it? Still I can’t stop. I LOVE words. Writing them, speaking and tossing them like salad in a bowl, making them something they’re not, making them beautiful, making them ugly by using them in the wrong way and with wrong pronunciation and in the wrong order. I love words.

It’s time to get my library card actualized.

And for those who think this was weird, try me in the mornings before I had my caffeine-free (!!) coffee. God I’m so weird. But love that too ­čÖé

Today it’s Mary Beth. Or still. Today I’m not chosing anything.

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