More work to do.October 22nd, 2007

Several blogging entries ago, I decided it’s for my best to stop being graphic. I caught myself just there when launching my website two weeks ago. Because what was looking at me was nice and clean, but totally graphic. The header-logo was drawing all the attention onto itself while the writing subsided underneath.

That wasn’t my intention.

Time to reconsider.

I find it very hard to not drift down this stream when searching for a layout that looks fresh and easy but not overdressed.

I guess I recently broke a few of those rules a blogger should consider. But a layout should be somewhat constant, I realized. No need to impress someone.

So I will go back to reconsider a little. Please don’t hesitate to read on – my writing will not have to suffer.

Thanks for your patience.

imagepostOctober 22nd, 2007 imagetime14:06

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