To all the ships at seaOctober 21st, 2007

Your bow like a sharpened knife cutting in two
except the surface’s been exchanged, the ocean to
Your wrist has been worn like weathered wood
From the daily routine with the rope

The beams on deck are natural subfont to your feet
Like the wind likes to carress the coast
Nearly all days been spent in the smoothing spume
Which reminds what is nature to your heart

From water it comes, to water it’ll go
They say when they’re talking folk’s tongues
Might they be true by the tellings that history shows
Who came from the blue would never let go

All the life you’re in search for an anchor that holds
When your belongings keep drifting away
Only the silvery material knows
How the gravest belonging is made to stay

When horizon slightly kisses the sea
And the clouds keep on floating past
When you’re shrouded in blankets made of salty air
Your body your mind and even your soul are breathing in the vast

To all the ships out at sea
Be sure to keep an eye on the storm
Be aware of the haven that’s expecting you
To enclose you with safety and warmth

Because even an anchor has not been built
To eternally shoulder the weight
But to make you surrender, watching the waves
Lighten up the storm in your face

To all the fish in the sea and to all the different kinds
To the lost ones, the castaways, the fathers and sons
To the wind and the waves, twins with a band
To the outmost blue vastness that always outstands

To the ones that are searching and the ones that were found
To the lonely ones wishing for the tide to come
To the happy ones filling their lungs with life
To everyone with the sea by their side,

May they find peace in the swelling and the fall
Find a home in a place painted in blue
May they love, may they live, may they never give in
May they know the difference to make
Between the two different grounds providing to them

To all that keep failing and lost their belief
May the wisdom provide sight to see
That human’s life can only be
When now and then, he faces the sea

And so it may always be.

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