Six rules to regain a happy life.August 6th, 2007

1) Admit to yourself that you need help.

2) Talk to people who might actually get you out of your chaotic thinking.

3) Avoid loneliness, for it makes people circle around themselves.

4) Change the things that bother you into something you can handle.

5) Remember your aims and resume to work on them by means of a well thought-out plan.

6) Accept that, when life gives you a lemon, you actually need to take it and squeeze it. You’ll find out how sweet it can taste after all.

edit: 7) Never mind to fail, because failing is human. Try to release yourself from high expectations, or try to set them lower.

And finally never stop looking into the clear blue sky, never stop longing for the sea, never drown in heavy rain, never refuse to stick to rule 1).

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