I have a dream.July 21st, 2007

By night it follows me

weakens me, opens up my heart

but still the day is holding it

like a misty shadow

a night like mine, but far away

with moonlight touching its lovely face

I’m on the beach, my eyes are keen

such beauty I did never see

the waves like dragons on the seek

the gentle breeze that strokes my cheek

my body lightweight like a feather

I feel like a songbird soaring to heaven

the dizziness of day is gone

no need to be in a rush anymore

a melody soaking me into the ocean

the chill makes me cringing for a moment

-but there! the sunlight encloses me so softly

I’m truly happy, for the first time ever

this dream, it makes my day so slow

expecting me wherever I go

I long for it but it seems to be

Reaching for it isn’t supposed for me

so I’m chasing for a state of mind I’ll never arrive

still the melody is keeping me alive

if not for this dream I might not be here

so I’m chasing while dreaming, by night and by day

imagepostJuly 21st, 2007 imagetime17:03

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