Jakatta – Visions LPJune 14th, 2007

Today was a headache day. I was about to write awful things, but after my neighbor brought me some new CD’s to lend I decided it to be a good day afterall. Those days are so hard for me to accept. To accept that I am unable to read, think, write, watch movies, unable to be active, creative and communicative. I can talk like waterfalls sometimes. It’s so hard for me to see sense in eating, talking, doing stuff. You just need to get over it, I guess, with lots of bowls with Choco Crispies, good music and a positive attitude.

Instead, I’m posting some pictures from the special Laith Al-Deen radio concert for which I’d won tickets last week and which took place two days ago. I was really, truly happy to see the man with the soothing, wonderful voice on stage. Indeed it was a moving concert.

dscf5243.JPG dscf5245.JPG dscf5246.JPG dscf5250.JPG dscf5251.JPG dscf5253.JPG dscf5257.JPG dscf5263.JPG dscf5264.JPG dscf5265.JPG dscf5269.JPG

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