My Dearest.(If I would write a letter)January 26th, 2007

Somehow copying the idea from Katey’s blog, I tend to write down my own letters which swirl around in my head after happenings mentioned within context.


Dear caretaker,

I have to apologize a second time for my disrespectful behaviour, especially for I learned from your wife that you are sick with a cold. The reason the mechanic didn’t come across someone this morning was, that I had been awake for long hours doing research on my own illness, forgetting about time. Though, for the first time my sleep has been deep, deep enough to miss the sound of my doorbell. I am very sorry for that, but I wasn’t expecting you to call a mechanic to do this simple job on my heater (referring to the easiness the last time a heater was cold). First, anger was on my side, but now I feel guilty to burden you with another issue. I’ve been tolerating the cold heater for some time now and it’s really not bothering me at all, but you as a caretaker have a need to do your job. I want you to know that this repairing is not urgent for I’m not staying in the kitchen all day. I want you to become healthy first, calmly. I need to insist that I can do the reparing on my own, lacking only the fitting tool I would have to borrow from you.

So far, I’m wishing for you to get well soon, and don’t feel stressed to do any work this moment. Healthyness is first!

Sincerely yours, the chaotic girl from ground floor


Dear Dad,

for I know that committing news to your faraway daughter is sometimes travelling a little – slowly, I have to admit that I was a little angry and sad and surprised to get to know last that you are staying in the States for two weeks now. The things I wanted to talk about can stand aback, but I feel a little aggrieved to get such news last. The only hidden agenda I had in mind was, what if something happens and I’m the last to know that it a) actually happened and b) happened in a place I didn’t you expect to be at this time (which is another country, which counts twice I think). I’m just a caring daughter. Forgive me.

Yours, Christiane


Dear Ex-Flatrate-provider,

I’ve been easy on you for not consulting a lawyer in our case. I believe it to be a juristically discussable but humanly toleratable matter to go on paying you for another year without even using your services. Unfortunately I found out the last days that you’ve been increasing the debitted amount due to the increased sales tax from 4,99 to 5,13 Euro. This is sauciness. For me as a student it matters a lot how high my monthly expenditures are. For you as a (good earning) company 13 cents are not mentionable. But imagine what happened if every company would treat their clients like this? There would be rise and fall for sure. Fall faster and closer than you’d think. In my connoting opinion, client services include fair treatment with adequate conditions. Your company is lacking exactly this. Apparently you’ve lost me as a client, but I will forward the report of your way of dealing to other possible clients. I’m a student, I have my connections. Be aware that this fight is and will never be over. I will not give up so easily.

Disrespectfully, your client Ms. T.

Dear beloved friend,

I appreciate the way things are going between us. But I would wish for a little more effort and interest from your side. I know times were hard, but sometimes it’s worth it to try. Trust me.

Yours, Christiane


Dear university – office for exam issues -, dear Mrs. G.,

due to lack of time for best preparation, me and my commilitones would like to ask you to postpone the exams in whole biology department. We would appreciate a few more weeks to eliminate those huge gaps in knowledge to achieve a general better performance. For reasons of reputation, this will be of interest to you as well.

Respectfully, the students of biology class 2005 (diploma)


Dear Kiel,

thank you for being so blue-skied and amazing-sunset-full today. I was enjoying the beautiful painted sky with the golden sunrays behind a big cloud during lab practical and it saved the afternoon a lot. Those happenings make you forget the icecold air. Repetitions welcome!

Yours sincerely, your happy inhabitant Christiane


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