God how I love this man and his music !!!January 7th, 2007

He needs a haircut, but who cares about that anyway?? My deepest attraction, both physically and in relation to music appertains to John Mayer. I got to know him way before he got famous with “Your body is a wonderland” and I give him much credit for staying himself and sticking to his own rules and style. I believe he’s a genius of his own kind.
Thanks to the user on who shared this video.

I also checked out the John Mayer/Norah Jones – performance and John performing on the Ellen DeGeneres-Show. My personal highlight though is “Covered in rain” which as a (randomly picked) song I adore the most, next to “Not myself”.

If this man is not coming to Europe around the next years, I’ll possibly die of broken heart. Or whatever there is a female could die of, lacking the artist of her young life. Ben Folds is cool, Imogen Heap is “wow”, David Gray is “I can’t believe it”, but John Mayer coming over here would possibly sweep me off my feet.The category here names it: It’s what I love. John Mayer fills my soul. Heals it. Lightens it up. Infuses energy to it. This man fascinates me playing live, so intense, so sensitive, so…damn!
If I would win a meet&greet and actually stand in front of him, I would probably scream. Inside of course. Then learn some accords from him and make him sing. But I better don’t wish for that in real, because like I said, I’d be taken to hospital in no time ^^

Also check out the lovely selfmade Garden State movies at YouTube, featuring Frou Frou’s “Let Go”. What the hell would I do on earth without John Mayer or Zach Braff making stunningly beautiful movies like “Garden State” with the more beautiful music in it?? Would I even be on earth? No, can’t imagine that.

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