EffortDecember 27th, 2006

My eyes are so weak and I can’t really trace every letter of those biological words. Today it’s hard work. Don’t know what’s up. But I’m willing to do the half of the scripts. I have to. Though I’m listening to John Mayer. Not really the way to study. But me, that’s me. Ahh!

What I’ve been doin’ all days: EATING. My weight is steady though. Not that I’d care. Just noticed. Ah, I LOVE short sentences. They are so easy to conclude.

I admit: I can’t concentrate. I could jump around or drive to the city centre and walk around. So much sitting around these days…not my kind. I NEEEED distraction. Once you get it you can’t let go of it. I need all the talking and walking and singing and doing stuff. The restless part again. I’d thought I’d locked that in my cellar…

AH DISTRACTION I neeeed to concentrate. My eyes are so…I don’t know. Maybe this is migraine. I read about it. I’m having it. Suffering…argh. I can’t even concentrate on blogging. I could get a short sleep. Just short. But we all know what I’m like after: more restless. Or so tired I stay asleep til night and then it’s all over. Help me. I need to go back to script. Will do. John will stay. He’s my best friend. As well as my new friend Acer. He came along with 19″. We’ll be a couple for all time I hope. Gotta go back.


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  1. Seb:

    You sometimes just HAVE to focus on the things important for your future. If you don’t one day you’ll wake up and you will regret it and it’ll be much more exhausting work to get over it. I had to learn it that “hard” way and I don’t want that for anyone else this way. It still is much more complicated today.

    Sometimes you have to cold-shoulder the fun part and set it aside for a while to accomplish the other stuff that’s important for life if you don’t want to end up realizing you don’t have the chance to do the things in life you always wanted to. Life CANNOT always be distracting, fun and only the things one wants to do. Sometimes one has just to GET THINGS DONE. Even if it’s annoying.

  2. site admin:

    I was really having migraine yesterday. Light made my eyes ache. How can one work like this? See? Was just a one-time-thing. Will start tomorrow. I said I’m not giving up. I won’t. PROCRASTINATION doesn’t mean I’m doing anything. True to the self is: procrastinating things. But I’m getting through always. For sure.

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