Life as such is okay.December 8th, 2006

Sometimes it’s unfair and full of pain. Sometimes you have to do all the things life wants from you. Sometimes all life wants from you is to sit down and have a good cup of tea. Sometimes it wants you to meet friends to have a good time with, and a talk. Sometimes life seems so random. Things in life seem so picked up. Life can feel dull and grey. Life can shake you strongly when you thought you landed on safe ground. Life can be so inventive. Life can give you a spoon when all you want is a knife. It doesn’t mean the plate stays untouched, right? Life can be a neverending song on a hill in the green and a symphony of grains of sand in the dunes or a window seat with a candle. Life can be a last minute saver or a never arriving call from a person you love. Sometimes life can be so childish, with all the joking and rollicking and lying on the floor holding your chuckling belly with both hands.

Sometimes life is the white snow flocks falling down gently on a quiet city, covering it with a layer of beauty and amazement.

Sometimes life is so full of life.

I think that’s okay. As long as there are times coming after when you can take a break from it.

*** Emiliana Torrini – ‘Today has been ok’ ***

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