— A felicitous composition —November 9th, 2006

The moon gently wraps the dark sky

with its light, flooded through clouds of white

If this frame of perfectness ain’t deserve a loud

If this goodnight song is not a tale of times

I confess I never saw such beauty in a night

Orion abates his sword and lays it on my shoulder

Am I worthy of a crown, me, a simple loner

Being witness of nature’s wonder is pride enough to me

The wrists of wind run beyond my jowl

I can barely move, though

Never take that sight from my eye

I adore, I long, in high regard I dandle to and fro

I need to know How can this be?

Has someone painted a tableau of those then

Who made him pick the pieces in order

And place them properly?

A master of art it must be, a subtle player

Ah, I am enamored by an invisible twine

A composition branded in my mind

A spirit embedded in a dream

And a rootless anchored in a rushing gleam

May it rush, unbound

A glorious composition we let it be

I return to the ground

imagepostNovember 9th, 2006 imagetime02:24

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