seasonedOctober 13th, 2006

all dizzy she’s becoming, staring the purple sky
her head leant back far in the neck
like ghosts clouds are floating above by and by
and weather the long lonely night
by far she’s been reaching, but this means so much
been waiting degree days to pass
the night is her anchor and talks ‘head the stars
she’s been wishing for those times to come
when the storm gusts coming she’s changed to the toe
a place is not hard to find
as the rain comes brushing, crashing against her skin
she can tell, this is home to her soul
the outside is her inside
the dark is her light
no greater powers will hold her
from the greater powers out in the night
the branches crackle the window front
autumn approaches, an unwelcome guest
it will settle in people, their places and moods
until winter has frozen the land
she stands like a statue inured to wind and to cold
what she feels is the bliss of this life
nature has brought it and gave it to her
she is not ever giving it back

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imagepostOctober 13th, 2006 imagetime00:44

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