A bit of everything//unneedful thingsSeptember 27th, 2006

For days I’m diving into material I do have a clue of but can’t see the matter behind it. Unless you find the structure of plants a worthy theme to dwell on… It’s funny/interesting/stunning to see how those little cute green things have found a way to exist in our ecosystem, learning three different states of having or not having sth isn’t in fact funny at all (it’s three on each of the topics including about, I don’t know, 300 topics??). Those biologists have a word for everything, don’t ya?

Not needful:

websites which won’t load (traffic/technical problems)

breaks within learning sessions. don’t do that!!! (you’ll see why)

Pizza in your fridge when all you don’t want to eat that moment is Pizza

I’d love to have a Haagen Dasz Pecan&Cream right now. Just for the sake of not having to eat Pizza.

Thanks, audience.

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  1. Seb:

    hey sweetie, we just finished our first office-reopening/moving/whatever-welcome-party and it has been a HUGE success! we even made some contract agreements right at the event.

    I’m so sorry you haven’t been there so see our new offices but I guess you will next time you’re coming down here. In general the last weeks have been so exhausting but absolutely fun and worth every hour of work. Now all I need is to get our new website completely done …. and holidays for the next, let me think about it – ten weeks?

    best from “down under”,

    btw.: there now is a BIG amcm-Digit aka logo decorating our offices entrance wall. This thing looks soooo great – you have to see it!

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