Never take those for granted!September 26th, 2006

In order to show the awareness of me being so grateful to have it I’d like to pronounce a huge THANK YOU to my WordPress Spam Filters which provide really good work in avoiding inappropiate comments containing Casinos, Medications and other really nerve wrecking things. I LOVE YOU, SPAM FILTER. Really. I do.

ps: I don’t like to repeat myself, but if I were you (e.g. SpamBots), now would definitively be the time to give it up. It’s not working, don’t you get it??

(With this entry -containing those words- I’ve been pushing myself up in the rank list of attacking now. Dry little laugh from my side, ha ha.)

imagepostSeptember 26th, 2006 imagetime16:28

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  1. site admin:

    Incoming Spam-comments since this entry: 11 *höhö*

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