Modern times.September 14th, 2006

Conversation at the supermarket. An eastern looking mother is shopping groceries at ALDI with her some 7-year-old daughter. The mother is looking for a special cheese while her daughter leans on the shopping cart when suddenly she says:

Daughter: “I’ve talked to my teacher and she suggested I should have a pet again. I think I’d like to have a dog.” 

Mother (little absent, still looking for cheese): “Ahm…”


(she finds it and seems happy, turns to her daughter)


(everyone would expect sth more like “what if” or a “but”, but nothing)

Mother: “So would you fetch the crisps now?” 

(daughter disappears with a bright smile)

Is it just me or was this weird???

imagepostSeptember 14th, 2006 imagetime18:28

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  1. micha:

    Hey Chrissi, was ist denn deine aktuelle E-Mail-Adresse?
    Lieben Gruß

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