It’s happening!September 14th, 2006

While I managed myself become healthy (leg compresses top it all- it worked, I’m almost fine by now, temperature’s hopefully gone), the true background happening behind my Blog’s name took place in outer space:

Link: Sonnensegel an der ISS gehisst  // Solar arrays set on ISS

I wrote about it in my Huge thing. Futuristic. Still dig astronomy so much… *sigh* Me, I’ll have to concentrate on earthy stuff, like buying dinner groceries.

Sad and disgusting: Only about two weeks after the escape of kidnapped N. Kampusch Hollywood is acquiring the film authorizations for her life story. That’s just disgusting. They should leave her alone!

Okay I have to go now, am hungry 😉 – the salmon-dill-mustard pizza from smileys wasn’t my case (and my taste either).

imagepostSeptember 14th, 2006 imagetime17:09

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