Grocery listSeptember 13th, 2006

1. Buy chocolate.

2. Buy beer.

3. Buy M&M’s Crispy x2

4. Oh the last one belongs in cat. 1.)

5. Buy Paracetamol. (yes I’m sick 🙁 )

6. Buy a lottery lot so I win and my brother can buy a MacBook. He was very nice this year, he deserves it.
7. don’t know. I don’t think I’m able to carry bottles of water so tea will do.
8. Buy tea that actually tastes of sth.

To do list for tomorrow

1. Try pretending not being ill and get to the grocery store before closing time.

2. Drive to my friend and water the flowers. 

ps: I hate being sick. Haven’t been since last Octobre. Mhmpf.

pps: did I mention we’re having about 30 C° degrees tomorrow?

ppps: Did I mention I hate being sick?

I have bones that hurt which I don’t even have. I’m soooo siiiiick…uhhh… please anyone take care of me and walk to the Grocery Store for me??

imagepostSeptember 13th, 2006 imagetime00:13

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