Good coffee.September 10th, 2006

It’s about 2.23 pm (kind of morning to me). It’s sunday. Outside we have blue skies and sun and a light breeze. Inside, I’m having a good cup of coffee in my favourite mug (a Starbucks mug I got from my brother for Christmas some time ago), listening to EinsLive Stream, watching Flickr Photostreams (mainly of Fuerteventura but you get caught so easily). My hair’s still a mess from sleep. Still pyjama on. This all feels good to me. 🙂

imagepostSeptember 10th, 2006 imagetime13:31

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  1. Sebastian:

    It’s “career”, not “carrier” 😉

    And yes – I’ve always been looking forward to sundays with F1 and Schumacher. 🙁

  2. site admin:

    Kind of lying in the genes, hm? 😉 (after throwing Pluto out of planet’s circle it’s been a tough year for all of us so far…)

    sorry for misspelling (look!-two ‘l’ and two ‘s’;))
    like I said, kind of morning to me. Don’t ever try me out so early *gg*

    ps: heater’s still knocking.guess where I’m sleeping…yes, hall floor.feels like in a tent camp *lol* like it though.

  3. Sebastian:

    haha. the picture of you sleeping on the hall floor – priceless!

    our new coffee maker has just arrived with DHL. took only seconds to unpack it and getting it started.

    this thing is AMAZING! instant cappucino as if you were in your favourite italian bistro!

    convenient amazon link: DeLonghi Kaffeevollautomat

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