birthdays and postcardX and thingsSeptember 2nd, 2006

I survived my birthday pretty well this time…actually it was amazing. I got so many pretty things, such as a global poster (I do sometimes have problems to figure out the talked about places in the news if it’s farer) and I got a selfmade cute little parrot from Ecuador from my family’s exchange student which is a keyring pendant (is this word correct?) and it’s black eyes look at me quite observing (- me?). I just returned from the supermarket and fortunately we have sort of sun but mainly it’s warm and that’s what I care about. I love it. I just had lunch and now I’m defrosting my fridge cause my so-called-icebox is sort of overiced so the door won’t shut. That’s funny because few months ago I was trying to figure out how to make it produce ice and the solution contained leaving the door open for a while and putting glasses of warm water into the fridge, everything a human person wouldn’t do. Yeah, that’s me, always creative *haha*

Guess what was in my postbox this morning: A present from my aunt (thank you!!) and – who would’ve thought – a card from PostcardX from a girl from Canada (sign?- I’m thinking about Canada a lot lately). Everytime I get one I feel both happy and shabby because I was supposed to send out cards as well but somehow never found the time (considering that I’m having the pleasure of being happy, someone else out there doesn’t :(. I hate unjustice. When I finished my “homework” for today I’ll dig through my Citycards for a nice one and write something to someone.

I’ll put on some impressions, especially from my visit in Bonn.

the cute parrot eisfach1.JPG eisfach2.JPG postcardx.JPG strangekolibri.JPG
dscf3172b.JPG dscf3119b.JPG dscf3160b.JPG dscf3080b.JPG dscf3164b.JPG dscf3167b.JPG dscf3168b.JPG dscf3170b.JPG dscf3183b.JPG dscf3124bb.jpg

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