havin’ the eyesAugust 19th, 2006

I’ve been having kinda weird days lately, so fresh and easy. I like being easy. Right now Zero 7 is getting me into bedtime mood which doesn’t come so easily, every night.

I’ve been wondering what issues the world has left for us. Google personalized start site is making me sick. the news widget is right in front of my view when opening the browser, and guess how many positive news I read there the last two month. Not many, let me say that.

Mostly it’s all about ecology and environment. Not that I could’ve told that before, I did, but now that it is already there it’s frightening me. where is it all leading? I know, when this drama will start, I’m up and away from the living, but it should matter to me, and truly, it does even when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Scary nightmare, huh? Yes.

Even though my grades never showed my variety of interests and my favour for environment and nature, I still believe I can have an influence on things. When you put together a few people around the world with the same thought, you see, we have a point ­čÖé

I’m not naive, not anymore. I want to be a good scientist. I’d love to. Let’s see what time shows…and if there’s a coral reef left for me to explore when I’ve graduated from university…and still a few whales who I can swim with…it’s all about not giving up, right?
You just do what you have to do. I’m pretty sure our life seldom shows meaning and order, but in the end we will realize it was our order it followed. I’m heading to bed now. And I’ll put off the news counter on my front site of FF. Not avoiding. But avoiding hysteria and an awkward feeling in my belly before starting an online session. I know where to get my sources, and information’s been doubled and trebled so you’re thinking: I’ve read this before. It was the same topic, and now it’s back again. The more articles about it, the more changes? I’m not dumb. This is where tabloid journalism lacks: it’s far aback from reality. But who needs to know how and why, as long as you can make money with it?…

I remember reading the truth about synchronizing one of the main characters in my favourite TV drama as “Joey”, not “Jo” like in the States. She’s a girl. But the people behind thought the German viewers would be too dumb to interprete this name the right way. They thought viewers wouldn’t get a point and think of it as a boy….(!!) I’m still not over this, never will be. I’M NOT DUMB (and I’m pretty sure, none of us is).

Have a good night, people out there. Don’t worry yourself. It’s all gonna be okay, some day, somehow.

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