Summer Lounge and a good Fritz Cola :)August 16th, 2006

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We (that is a friend and me) just returned from a tour along the Förde and through the city. It was fun and actually the sun is shining and we have blue sky. At the Förde we sat down on the pier, dipping our feet into the cold Baltic Sea water, which was very pleasant. It’s really like vacation being here, and knowing you can go to the beach whenever you want or need it, is calming your mind. No need for going far away anymore (which is just pretending, I know that 😉 ) but for sure, it feels like this. Additionally, we have the Nokia Oops Cup in town (see link list) and the very heavy and impressing Trimaranes just arrived in the inner Förde, coming from Malmö, Sweden.

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  1. Seb:

    Looks like a lot of fun and good weather… I have to work most of the time of the days (and nights) at the moment, so not much of a vacation down here. We’re coming close to our office move and days are getting stressful day-to-day. I’m looking forward to our new apprentice as he could take over some of my tasks. As if this wasn’t enough there are new client projects coming along and it’s getting more and more work each day from now. But it’s all about money, you know.

    So enjoy your time – I’d like to be there, too. One day I will 🙂

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