happy (!)August 14th, 2006

if this isn’t a sign? after doing another hour(s) of research in the theme department, I chose this theme called Easy Black to be perfect for me. no, now for sure. no more changing. as long as I’m not able to create my own customized Hemingway theme then this will be it. am really happy about this. a big thank you to headsetoptions who created it. I’d never thought I’d find something close to my desires. but this is definitively the one. my mind has been calmed. and now, night owl, hurry to bed *peepingatwatch*

ps: did you notice the very creative and goodlooking Flickr preview function when hovering over the pics? Ahh, fine ! Thanks to SonSpring (the hint was already included in the theme but some css had to be added).

for my brother (who wanted to see proof of my so existing and rocking bike):

riding my bike they put Kenny on a bike

student life’s tip for today: today I fixed the hinges of my squeaking bathroom door with salad oil. no joke. worked perfectly. but actually I’m missing the squeaking right now. argh.

imagepostAugust 14th, 2006 imagetime04:27

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  1. seb:

    love it! even looks great on my mac…

  2. seb:

    … BUT: how about a more detailed picture of your so existing and rocking bike? some front and side pics would be amazing… one could at least identify it as bike ­čśÇ

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