ah…!inspired!August 13th, 2006

having a tour at Flickr is really pushing stunning and lovely thoughts inside my head, and that’s where I find stories to tell. awesome pictures of faraway places I have never been and will never see but seeing the artistic shots of some surrounding makes me feel so close…

This one just made me write something about homecoming and safety in wild nature. Wonderful contrast. Listening to Lisa Chappell and Beth Hart (who sound grown but adventurous, they’ve got sth to tell I guess) adds the flavour to those stories.

Today I read a peculiar sentence in someones blog. It said, ‘go and visit all the countries and places you like to visit, because someday, it could be too late’. exactly. but there is something that can stop you from doing just that: money. I’m really not getting anywhere far without having bought a ticket. I wish it wasn’t so, but it isn’t. maybe it’s the way I was raised, I was told to be honest and follow the rules if it is important. none could actually stop me from doing that.
except when nobody’s noticing I’m breaking them. like a red traffic light. that’s not heavy stuff, I know. I’m so hoping that there’ll be enough time left to be that free I ever wanted to be like. the thought of not knowing what’s happening in an hour, a day, a week is really concentrating my attention. Meanwhile, I’ll go on catching glimpses of everyone else’s lives on Flickr. It’s helping a little. Just little.

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