There’s world to see !!August 2nd, 2006

Oh my gosh. Poor me. I’ve only been to 3% of the world. Literaturely, that’s nothing. I couldn’t even tick the boxes in Asia or America.

See beyond:

World666 is even able to create your own Traveller Profile. Have a try.

I’ll think through how to travel the left countries. How long would it take to just do that? Can you travel the world in one year? Considering +/- 2 days in each country. But let’s be real, you can’t know a country having been there for only two days. So how long would it last to know every country. Is a lifetime enough time for that?

Woh. That’s tricky. Will think about it. The rest of this day at least, which is eight hours (at least something I know).

imagepostAugust 2nd, 2006 imagetime15:23

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