Eye toy – but not only.March 16th, 2006

This is my new Samsung Z500. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. Xonio rated it under the first ten best mobiles which makes me so proud to have it.

Due to my addiction to design and layout, the colourful front display gets most of my attention. Look at that, isn’t it nice how the animated bubbles swoosh over the flowers?

Also very attracting is the sub-display on top of the closed mobile: You can put a picture in it with displayed time, battery state and reception above. When you open it up and switch into the menu, you find everything you are looking for.

But after all it’s most important to me that I can use it to call and type, not like the one before where the SIM-card was always dropping out. I LOVE MY NEW MOBILE SO MUCH (and I will never give it away ­čÖé ).

I noticed I could never write an article at dooyoo or so. All I could write of were the funny bubbles… *hehe*

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