Don’t cross the line, it’s there.March 12th, 2006

This one will be short and useful.

There’s something about partying all nights long. You somehow loose yourself into people and the damn good music and this bizarre atmosphere you don’t find so often. It could all go wrong in here, but it will be so perfect to you. There is a fine line you ain’t cross if you’re supposed to maintain a small tiny piece of yourself until morning dews with daylight. It’s there and you won’t walk further. You just won’t, that’s knowledge apart from alcohol.

I’m barely awake, I seem so, I’m a shallow figure crazy enough to blog so early. But for real, this is happening. I don’t know if there is gonna be sleep or resting and recollecting. You will be renewed about nighttime, I conclude.

There’s hot herbal tea in my mug. I almost forgot how good it can taste, after all.

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