Will it ever stop?March 2nd, 2006

For three days now my city is layered with a white blanket of frosty snow. It’s snowing for a couple of hours, then the snow dews away, and just when you thought it’s going to be over, it starts snowing again and the spectacle repeats. Me, I love snow. The world becomes so much lightened up as if the sun was actually shining. I feel happy to walk through snow, even if my fingers get frosted. I was having a long phone talk to my best friend last night, so I woke up at about 2.00 pm and all I could see outside was this crazy snow “storm” heaping up the white flakes on my balcony. I was clothed within 20 secs because the idea of taking some awesome photos was driving me out of warm, casual bed. Yeah, I am like that sometimes. A little bit too spontaneous. But me, I am not a photographer and so the pics turned out not so fantastic. Actually I wonder why I thought a digital camera would automatically make me into a real good photographer. So to get on with my little trip, the snow was
so lashing
against my coat and I struggled myself through it until I reached the close park meadows and shot those of which one can be seen above. Not so fantastic. No. Crap-tastic. And my fingers were so frosted! Awwww! Through my lense, snow will always be snow, I need to realize this!!!

I returned home, tried to suppress the pain and turned on the kettle.

I’ve learned from that. I really did. I worship to sleep into the afternoon inside and the snow can do whatever it wants – but outside and not in touch with me.

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