Far away…February 23rd, 2006

Yesterday evening a letter happened to fall into my hands. Special letter. From a very close friend of mine – once. It’s strange how things change, they come and go, but when they’re gone, they won’t return to you for all of your life. This letter made me read our ICQ dialogues again. I do that sometimes. First to ensure I don’t forget one single bit of this wonderful, different time. And second, to ensure I’m over my bad mistakes, that I’ve learned from them. I guess I am, over them. I worship everything I have. If only I could change one single word with this one… but I can’t make good for it. But like I said, it’s all good. Everything’s like it should be. And for real, I would never admit that face-to-face ­čśë

The picture at the top reminds me in this person. The two last Toblerone stacks look like the towers of the Cathedral at Cologne. I miss my home cities a lot and I’m happy to see them in a few days.

Outside it’s snowing again. This time it has a soothing effect, almost romantic, or so. Won’t dwell on that *gg*

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