the airport feeling.October 10th, 2005

World on a display panel – you get that. Today I was saying goodbye to a very, very good friend of mine at the airport, and as always this place makes me marvel and look and breathe in the colours and sounds and the phrases of cities and absorb the whole atmosphere to feel it deep inside. It’s a permanent impression.

Only the imagination that people passing by are just returning from another continent, a big city or a small valley somewhere in the world makes you drift faaar away…

I saw air hostesses in the typical costume with luggage. I saw walls of the counters of travel business covered with neon yellow flyers and offerings of different destinations on them.

And I read “Valencia” on top of the table for boarding planes and there the confusing but wonderful feeling of wanderlust rose in my stomach. I was so close to saying goodbye myself! Not only mentally but also physically. Just to be in this place, seeing the planes how they land, take off to the sky or wait for the passengers to carry them…

I took this pic of the setting sun some minutes before my friend left, and yes, there was crying and hugging but also the knowledge of the different expecting her, and the different surrounding us. The true feeling of home is set in our heart and we take it with us. Home is where your heart is. I wanted to share the impression with you. Felt as if I was one tiny step closer to where my mind is aimed at.

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