Never get out of the boat.September 25th, 2005

While my sister is spending some more summer days on Mallorca, as part of her school trip before A-levels next springsummer, I’m turning my head to take a look at the wet outside – it’s raining again and sunday seems dull. I even searched for Mallorca webcams – it’s aching, none there to catch me??

Am listening to Chilled Ibiza Gold, the best Chill Compilation ever. One of my favorite tracks is “Never get out of the boat”. Although its phases are taken from “Apocalypse Now”, a war picture from 1979, you can positively imagine yourself in the rain forest, walking through coppice that tangles your feet. You take care where your steps land because they told you there were animals out there, not only tigers but vipers and spiders as big as your fist. And when you enter the wooden boat, you can smell the fear from crocodiles in the air. The troop will eventually be halfed at the end of the day…

Ahh, I like that. Funnily I watched an ep of Sponge Bob this morning where Patrick and Sponge Bob order a flat screen TV only to play within the box. First you get confused, but then you can see the two friends using their imagination (Sponge Bob: “You just need a big piece of phantasy!”) to play through a whole pirate – robot battle on a faraway island in it. Tadeusz hears the matching sounds and becomes frustrated. Everytime he looks inside, there are only the two sitting and pausing their play. Yes, Sponge Bob is astounding me more and more. You can learn life lessons there. I just remind in the episode where the Sponge sees the beautiful shoal of jellyfishes and adores their freedom of “flying in the sky” so much he begins to construct a flying vehicle…

This is true wanderlust, true phantasy, true dreaming.

> Any matches?? ;/

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