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(Cover Imogen Heap entfernt)Any of you remembering Shrek 2? Well you should. Because it was the first movie featuring Frou Frou, an English band. Sadly – or even luckily- their first album “Details” drowned under a flood of new superstars. It was the perfect idea to feature Frou Frou on the Shrek-OST with their cover version of “Holding out for a hero”. Because they deserve more than a notice or a short article in a music magazine. Their style is a mixture of everything, electronic beats, a dash of pop-rock, and much more, always topped with a bunch of lyrics that speak out the truth, and front singer Imogen Heap has the voice to make you believe every word. She seems to dance on every refrain, gets high up and the next moment deep down. There is something behind this music, and I wish a had a word for it.

And if I’d thought “Details” would be it, I’ve never been so wrong: Imogen is walking her own ways, with “I Megaphone” and “Speak for yourself” she defines the genre “Alternative” in a new and extraordinary way. I got to know Frou Frou from a scene in TV series “Dawson’s Creek” where “Hear me out” was featured in a P/J-scene. And many of you might have heard Imogen Heap solo in O.C. , California, where the track “Goodnight and go” gave a special taste to the Cohen/Alex kissing scene in the dimly lit bar. CD’s have come and gone, but once a month I need to listen to Frou Frou or Imogen again – an invisible force. In particular I fell for “Oh me, oh my” and “Useless” from “I Megaphone”. When Imogen calls in “Oh me, oh my” the bridge: ‘God, are u there, are u there […] If so where are you hiding? I’m having trouble finding you’, it gives you a goose-skin.

Other highlights are “Shine”, “Candlelight” or “Angry Angel” on “IMegaphone”, as well as “Headlock” and “Hide and seek” on “Speak for yourself”, from which the second one – Imogen’s voice underlined just electronically – could be heard today on BFBS Radio 1, which is a sign for potential. Even Frou Frou’s genious “Let go” accomplished Zach Braff’s movie debut “Garden State”. I would say it’s the type of movie that fits perfectly with the style of Frou Frou – somehow strange but always honest and tragic, just how life plays. But I would rather recommend all three CD’s and the Garden State OST to you so you can form your own opinion. For me Imogen Heap is long ago a discovery that is not just off-beat but a really good example for really good music.

Imogen Heap and Frou Frou can be heard and ordered through Amazon and on Imogen’s and Frou Frou’s websites.

Website of Imogen Heap
Website of Frou Frou
Garden State Official Site
Zach Braff’s Weblog

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