Impressions from Pützchen’s MarktSeptember 12th, 2005

Every year in September Pützchen’s Markt is sort of a highlight. It’s an annual fair, an event everyone in this city and farther knows about. Every year you don’t wanna go due to increasing prices and the masses of people, but every year you find yourself walking through the crowd, driving with the “Wilde Maus” (wild mouse, a turbulent ride and popular for Pützchen’s Markt), buying overpriced fried fish in roll or seducing raspberry Ice Cream, drinking a lot of beers with good friends, sometimes leaving with the typical upcoming rain, but always taking a small bag of roasted almonds with you, because this is the ritual. The whole attendance is a ritual you can’t resist, no matter how hard you try (“I’m sure the prices have doubled”- usual excuse). Get a first impression from my first night there, more pics coming on Tuesday, hopefully some of the final firework without rain…

Just for information: The last two pics are taken inside of the Bavaria Pavilion, mostly the stands are normal… 😉

Really cool, I found this link: Pützchen’s Markt Webcam

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