Is that me?September 10th, 2005

There was a promotion at at July or so, offering the possiblity to try on clothes online. For I am a tryout-geek, I signed in. And actually this MyVirtualModel stuff is fun! You give the calculator your measurements and it generates a virtual self, able to try on whatever the new collection shows.
Seeing the clone makes one wonder if ordering online is the new future. You can already play designer and create your own kitchen, including the line of ovens, fridges and the countertop of your choice, including the future colour of the walls and the details you will add.
But there is something that virtuality never can make up to: reality. There is no “perfect” body. There are no perfect rooms. Even if these close-to-perfection-showrooms give you the impression that everything can be done leaving out reality, in the back of your mind you know that it can never take on walking through a shop and picking up what you like. Virtuality never makes you touch the objects, the textile, it doesn’t make you smell the wood of the floor panels, it doesn’t allow you to present the clothes to your best friends who would likely tell you that it fits perfectly but just isn’t your style…! Namely this is what finding your taste is about as well: Senses. And everyone will agree feeling satisfied when I remind in the smell of a newly bought sweater or the shades of daylight falling onto your new cupboard, making the wood shine. No calculator can see that there’s an unevenness in your floor that will make you buy two or three more panels. It can’t see that one of your legs is a little bit longer than the other, and so on. Those eventualities and details account for reality. At last MyVirtualModel is fun for boring hours. And I will go shopping next week and see if the new Denim Jeans fits that well as it did on the screen ­čśë

My Virtual Model:

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