Fireflies.September 8th, 2005

Finally it’s raining. Couldn’t sleep anymore due to heat.
Internet connection is really slow but it won’t matter to me anymore.
Today I got to know something really touching from my Grandma. If my brother reads the title of this entry, he’ll know who it concerns ­čÖé It was something that concerns a person I feel so close to as I will never feel to anyone else in my life. Sadly he was gone long before I could realize what he means to my life. But I did realize that he follows me wherever I go, he gives me hints, and the more I get to know him, the more I get to know me. It all leads somewhere. He’s my path. And I will try to make it right and give it all back to him someday.

imagepostSeptember 8th, 2005 imagetime22:21

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