Delight and disappointment sometimes are so close.September 6th, 2005

Summer tastes like: Melon, After Eight, Cookies Ice Cream

I bought an ├ťberraschungsei, a surprise egg. Hoping to get a tiny but cute SpongeBob (I’m into this series since I overcame my infuriation about his behaviour in several episodes, realizing that I AM able to watch, I’m not a child *hehe*), instead I found a small piece-together-something on instruction described as a magical king of a series called “being guest at the party palast”. I don’t think there’s much to add here…

I remember Alf defending himself in front of the puzzle: “It’s broken.”
Willy: “You have to piece it together.”
(indignantly) – “I didn’t break it!”
Browse over pix to read what a surprise is all about.

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  1. Seb:

    that’s hilarious ­čśÇ

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