that’s what friends are for.April 28th, 2005

I’m happy in my new apartment though I know I’ll have to move on and move out, it was always good for me running. Outside the thunder storm is heading close, I can hear the thunder, it’s due to the 25 degrees we will have on Sunday, and I am thinking about a new city, a new apartment, new people I can talk to without telling them who I really am, I think about the university where I sit and watch and learn finally what I like to learn, and it seems I can’t get enough of learning. Since weeks I try to keep the names of the different plants and flowers and trees in mind, but it’s so unbelievably hard to do… I love my working place so much. Today I got to know from someone I would not have thought of that there’ll be no replacement for me. Seems my chief has too much trouble with that. I know it’s not me, for I am complimented for everything I do, I’m sometimes a little embarrassed how the others appreciate my work. What I do I do with all the passion I have for nature and environment and with the thought in my head of what it will be worth for, in a few years.

Just wanted to show the pictures I made when my best friend Sophia and I were at the Rhein, the river that’s prettier than you’d think, just walk down the ways alongside and you’ll know. The others were taken in T├Ânning, shots of the nature, the aquarium, my friends, me being ill and so on. Loved it there, truly. The fresh wind blows all bad thoughts out of your head. Loved the sheep as well ­čÖé

((Pics coming tomorrow))

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