And I’m feeling good!April 27th, 2005

I mustn’t complain. It’s the evening, the approaching darkness, the rememberance of the last summer… forget the last one. I don’t know why, but eating is my passion. When I’m happy, I’m eating, when I’m sad and frustrated – i’m eating the more. Glad I got Mommys genes so none will ever know about this *gg*

Just thirty minutes ago I ate: Two slices of Vollkorn- bread with Yoghurt- butter and a big layer of Cream Cheese and another of honey on top. This is adorable and on place one of my favfood.

Twenty minutes ago I tried finding blogamp on the WP-site and failed, instead I started eating pure honey.

Thirteen minutes ago I found out that cheese slices rolled up taste a little better than a single one.

Guess what, just five minutes ago I found an open package of fruit gum, now only half-full. Can’t fight it. Tried but failed. This is the reason my fridge is always half – empty (half means there is still food in it but who likes pure Ketchup??)

Still eating fruit gums after Mein Leben und ich is over. Thinking about thinking. As well about my future, my tragedies, my work tomorrow (and that I have to get up again – who needs getting up in the morning? Me, not.) and if I should turn off the TV and listen to Snow Patrol or sth else instead. Hard decision, I swear. Let’s see how to install blogamp…

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