The Sound of the Sea.April 26th, 2005

Songs and tunes making you forget about whatever there was in the back of your mind – listen and watch the waves or just relax, it’s what will make you feel better. It’s what I listen to when I’m relaxing on the beach.

Sounds of the Sea and for the ultimative Chillout – listenable sitting on the beach

🙂 Blank & Jones – Relax – The Chill Out Sensation
🙂 Le Café Abstrait Vol. One to Vol. Four > (perfect to come down after a long hard day)

🙂 Café del Mar – Volumen Uno to Volumen Once
🙂 Atb – Movin’ Melodies//No Silence// Addicted to Music > (get back the summer chill out)

🙂 Café del Mar Aria Volumen Uno to Volumen Très > (for the classic fans of you)

🙂 Schiller – Zeitgeist > (this is almost meditative)

🙂 Compendium – Moving
🙂 Weathertunes – The birds & the sky > (inspiring and relaxing)

🙂 Dido – Life for Rent (esp. “See the sun” and “Sand in my shoes” after returning home)

as well as John Mayer – Heavier Things > (I swear it’ll make you happy)

🙂 The fascinating sound of Ambient music played underwater with the singings of Whales:

Liquid Sound Volume 1
(Played at the Liquidrom Thermae in Berlin where you can listen to oceanic music underwater > go to

🙂 My tip: “Das Aquarium” by Camille Saint-Saéns from the children opera “Karneval der Tiere”

Perfect for a long flight:
🙂 Café del Mar Dreams 2
🙂 Les Ambassadeurs

On rainy evenings:
🙂 Heather Nova – Storm

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